Our Team


President                       Lady Hawley

Trustees of the Society/Directors of the Company/Executive Committee Members
Chair of Trustees         Nigel Afford
Vice Chair                      Margaret Strange
Treasurer                      Tony Field (Company Secretary)
Trustee/Director          Robin Clifford
Trustee/Director          Elizabeth Nielsen
Trustee/Director          Katerinie Gallagher
Trustee/Director          Nigel Scott
Trustee/Director          Susan Strong
Trustee/Director          Jane Batchelor
Trustee/Director         Chris Murray
Co-opted Member      Linda Lane
Co-opted Member      Pip Reis

Other Officers
Breakaway Holiday      Catherine Hall
Family Visitor                Sue Bailey
Membership Officer    Chris Murray
New Horizon Club        Maureen Thomas
4&More Club                 Sue Bailey
Our Club                        Dolly Burnett
Play Partner Parties
Coordinator                   Victoria Scadden
Gateway Coordinator  Sue Bailey
Transport Officer          Alan Westcott
Book Keeper                  Rachel White
DBS Administrator        Joanne Adams
Secretary                        Emma Harper
Hon. Solicitor                 Stewart Donald

Directors of 16 Catherine Street Limited
Director                         James Butcher
Director                         Gill Sherry
Director                         Nigel Tanner
Director                         Alan Westcott
Director                         Andrew Williams
Director                         Nigel Scott (Company Secretary)
Shop Managers           Jean Burden & Anne Finch