At South Wilts Mencap, we raise money to provide both services for and financial help to those with a learning disability and those who care for them. The South Wilts Mencap Committee awards grants to help individual people with learning disabilities and those organisations that support people with learning disabilities locally.

All grants made by SWM:

  • Must support the Society’s aims, must be properly accounted for, must provide value for money and must represent best use of the Society’s resources.
  • Must not be a substitute for statutory funding and must not damage the Society’s reputation.

SWM makes grants to learning disabled individuals, their families and carers and organisations that provide support and activities for them.

Applications for SWM grants will only be considered from individuals, families, carers and organisations in South Wiltshire.

Please refer to our South Wilts Mencap Grant Policy for a complete copy of our guidance to applicants.

Please use this form to make your application and email it to our Secretary or post it to;
South Wilts Mencap Secretary
c/o Mencap Shop
16 Catherine Street

Applications must be received by the 1st of the month to be considered at that monthly Committee meeting.