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Advocacy – What is it?

Mencap makes it easy to understand the term advocacy and how to go about using it when needed.

Advocacy is a fancy word for helping people to speak for themselves.

Advocates don’t speak on behalf of people with a learning disability – they make sure a person’s own voice is heard.

Advocates support people to develop the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to voice their concerns and make sure they are being treated right.

Read more on the Mencap website about advocacy.

Wiltshire Council’s advocacy service provider is Rethink.

Image and content thanks to Mencap.

Salisbury Rethink Carers Support Group

rethinkAre you caring for someone with a mental illness and would like to talk to someone in a similar situation? Salisbury Rethink Carers Support Group meet to share experiences and perhaps learn more about mental illness and navigating the system!

We meet on the second Thursday of each month between 7.00pm and 9.00pm

Kay Chesterson and Tanya Warren
(M) 07818 482228 (group)
Carers Support Wiltshire
The Carers Centre
15 New Street
Email: groups@rethink.org