Wills and Trusts Service by Royal Mencap Society

If you have a loved one with a learning disability, one of your biggest worries might be how they’ll cope financially when you’re no longer around. Every year, Royal Mencap Society support over 4,000 people seeking help on this crucial matter. Their Wills and Trusts Service can guide you through the options, giving you peace of mind.

Making the right arrangements now is vital because a lump sum inheritance can affect your child’s benefit entitlements. Setting up a Discretionary Trust can give them financial security, protection from outside influences and ensure minimal change to their quality of life.

If you’re worried about your child’s future without you, their team is here to help. Royal Mencap Society have created some guides to help you to start exploring the right solution for your child’s future.

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Contact Royal Mencap Society’s dedicated Wills and Trusts Team

The RMS Wills and Trusts Team are available for an informal chat whenever you need it. If you have any questions or something you’d like to further discuss, please do get in touch with by calling 0207 696 6925 or emailing willsandtrusts@mencap.org.uk.

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