New Provision for Children and Young People with ASD/ SEMH – meeting for parents

A meeting took place at Sarum Academy on 9th October for parents of children attending Sarum Academy, and Wiltshire Council has planned a follow-up meeting for all parents interested in this new provision. The meeting will take place at Sarum Academy on 7th December from 12:00pm to 1:30pm.

Alan Stubbersfield (Project Lead for Wiltshire Council) as well as a representative from Wiltshire Parent Carer Council will be among those attending the meeting.

This meeting has been planned to enable parents to ask questions, especially as some questions asked at the session in October went beyond what could be answered at that stage. The aim of the meeting will be to listen to parents and what they want to know about this new ASD/SEMH provision, and be as clear as possible about the long term as well as what is happening sooner.

It would be helpful to know how many people want to come, so please confirm your attendance by contacting Springfields School at by the 5th of December 2018.