Silver Sunday December Events

Irene Kohler, Salisbury Area Board’s Older People’s Champion is delighted that Philip Tomes the Salisbury Library manager has agreed to put on two events as pre-Christmas treats for people of 55 and over.  The Techy Tea Party and the Prose and Poetry sessions, part of the Silver Sunday programme celebrating International Older People’s Day at the beginning of October proved to be very popular with many requests for repeats.

There will be a techy tea party on Monday 10 December from 2.30 to 4pm.  Accompanied by tea/coffee and cake, people of 55 and over can take their mobile phone, tablet or other device and receive one-to-one help in resolving the mysteries of its various functions.

On Tuesday 11 December, from 2.30 to 4pm, people of 55 and over are invited to share their favourite poem or piece of prose which may have a Christmas theme or be your favourite piece.  Irene says that she will be there and is already looking through to see which pieces to share.

If you wish to attend either of these events, please leave your name at the library reception desk.